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Diachronic Design advocates for and teaches software techniques and data organization, with an emphasis on giving archaeologists skills for increasing efficiency and making the best use of data. A wider understanding of software tools and better data organization allows archaeologists to better conduct broad scale analyses, increase access to data, and preserve archaeological data.

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About Russell Alleen-Willems

My name is Russell Alleen-Willems. I hold an M.A. in applied archaeology and own and operate Diachronic Design. I specialize in archiving and disseminating digital archaeological information and creating and teaching people about archaeological software. I am interested in teaching people about archaeology as well as creating software, including database tools, analytical applications, and games, for other archaeologists to use in academia, CRM, and public education. I pursue many of these activities through my tutorial, software, and consulting business: Diachronic Design.

Disclaimer: I worked for a short time as an intern for Digital Antiquity, so I naturally am pretty excited about tDAR and the ASU folks. However, there are a number of organzations doing great and innovative work with digital data collection, preservation, and dissemination as well. I also am working on creating a data collection application, so please keep me honest and aware of any unnoticed bias in my analysis of other applications on my company blog.