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Contact me to tell me more about your project and receive a quote for my hourly rate or flat fee. If you prefer, you can also hire me through my profile on Hire Russell for digital archaeology work

Services Offered:


  • Project and Research Database Creation

    • Microsoft Access
    • FileMaker Pro
  • Mobile Database Creation

    • Single User (useful for Monitoring Notes, Small Scale Survey)
    • Multi-User (useful for Excavation, Large Scale Survey)
  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

    • GIS Database Creation
    • GIS Data Analysis
    • GIS Map Creation
      • Including interactive map publication for project websites using Leaflet.js and other tools.

    Video Editing & Tutorial Videos

    • Video Editing
      • Have hours and hours of video from your project and need help editing them, adding titles, music, and producing them for the web? Contact me and I can help you make those videos shine!
      • See examples of my videos on my YouTube channel!
    • Custom Video Tutorial Creation
      • You tell me the task you need demonstrated, such as downloading a project dataset from the public portal on your project webpage, and I will help you produce polished educational videos for your users or staff.
      • See examples of my video tutorials on my Tutorials page, as well as additional supporting files like transcriptions and example datasets.

    Website Development

    • Desktop and Responsive Mobile Designs Available
    • Blog Software Installation and Customization

    Other Digital Projects

    Didn't see your project type listed above? No worries, simply contact me to discuss your project. I am very knowledgeable about the above areas, but also have experience and knowledge about lots of other digital projects. Some of my skills include kite and drone aerial photography, creating 3D models with photogrammetry, managing archives and repositories (both physical and digital), creating mobile apps, making games, and programming with JavaScript and Python. Check out my CV for more information about my skills and ways we might be able to work together!