In the Diachronic Design Labs, you can access or download visualizations, applications, and educational games I have created for other archaeologists to use.


Poggio Civitate VR Data Viewer

This VR project is an interactive visualization of the Poggio Civitate artifact data parsed from OpenContext's JSON API and won first prize in the Open Context and Carleton University Prize for Archaeological Visualization.

VR in Archaeology Museum

This mobile VR application (Google Cardboard) leads users through museum exhibits featuring interactive 3D models and 360° videos and highlighting how archaeologists collect data digitally and then use everything from mobile databases and GPS devices to LiDAR scanning and photogrammetry to visualize and share archaeological data with the world.


ColorBlind VR

This mobile VR game lets users experience colorblindness as they attempt to complete a collection mini-game and was developed as part of Udacity's VR NanoDegree Teamworks 2 GameJam in 2017.