Russell Alleen-Willems


I'm Russell Alleen-Willems, a self taught web and Virtual Reality developer based in Seattle. I'm currently building web, mobile, and VR applications. My passion is using technology to shape how we communicate, learn, and experience our world.


Languages and Frameworks:

Java, C#, R, Javascript, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, Bootstrap3, Phonegap, Open Source Libraries

Tools & Expertise:

Android Studio, Unity, PlayMaker Scripting, Visual Studio, Blender, Git, Adobe Creative Suite (CS5.5)


VR Examples

Cardboard Zombie Shooter (for Android)

Lure the zombie using the zombie bait target and aim your sight on the zombie to fire your attack!

HTC Vive Alien Fighter Demo

Use your sword to kill aliens as they transport in from the mothership. Use the trackpad to teleport yourself around the level and dodge the aliens!

HTC Vive VR Sniper Demo

Use your sniper rifle to defend the city from attacking planes! Use the trackpad to zoom your sniper scope in and out. Destroy 10 planes to win!

HTC Vive VR Rockclimbing Demo

Use the grip buttons on the Vive controller to hold onto rocks and climb!

HTC Vive VR "Produce Kendo" Demo

Use your sword to slice and dice the giant fruit!

HTC Vive VR Simple Painting Demo

Use the trigger on your left Vive controller to select colors and the trigger on the right Vive controller to paint in a 3D space!

Web Development Examples

Random Quote Generator

Javascript Calculator


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